Metaverse Golf-Image Name


Metaverse Golf-Image Name


Metaverse Golf-Image Name

Helping golf courses recognise the digital value of their physical asset

Market leaders at mapping the physical world for virtual experiences. 

The term “metaverse” refers to a virtual world that is created through the use of computer simulations. Game simulation is one of the few sectors where the metaverse already exists.

Many hundreds of millions of rounds of virtual golf are played every year; with the most iconic courses being played tens of thousands of times a day around the world via screen golf, simulators, games consoles and mobile games.

With over a decade of experience, Future Aerial are market leaders at creating high resolution digital twins of golf courses using drone technology. Trusted by some of the biggest names in golf, our consultancy service helps golf courses unlock the value of their digital assets by connecting with simulator companies, providing licensing support, aerial data capture and digital asset custodianship.

Virtual licensing

Connecting asset owners with virtual world builders.

spatial Data Capture

Repeat data capture of assets, keeping the digital twin up to date for clients and customers.

Digital Asset Custodians

A single source of truth for virtual assets and environments.