It goes without saying that any future pipeline project will require a great deal of planning and depend on extremely accurate terrain information, often over a large area for its success.

In some cases access to the land can be challenging or impossible, ruling out traditional survey techniques and whilst existing terrain data may be available it is often of low resolution, low accuracy or simply out of date.

Whilst the use of drones can now essentially provide a solution to these problems, scaling surveys up over many kilometers requires the development of comprehensive planning and data processing systems to work in unison for a successful delivery.

Recently Future Aerial were tasked with mapping over 10 square kilometers of terrain for a proposed pipeline in Northern Ireland, utilising our partnership with planning and management application Dronecloud to deliver large quantities of data in an extremely short period of time.

The team were able to plan every facet of the survey and the client had visibility of progress at every stage from planning through to processing and delivery via the 2 way portal.

The Dronecloud platform has been built developed directly from the extensive service experience at Future Aerial and this partnership looks set to develop further with some exciting announcements in 2019

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