Future Aerial were delighted to be chosen as the aerial data and filming partner for Invisible cities, the pioneering documentary which showcases some of the most advanced 3D visualisation techniques to delve deep into the Athenian past.

You can watch the documentary for a limited time here

The programme uses a combination of the latest 3D-scanning technology and Future Aerial's drone data to reveal the historical secrets of ancient Athens and tell the story of how this remarkable city created the world's first democracy two and a half thousand years ago.

The extremely talented team at Scanlabs have also created a breathtaking fly-through of the data to allow you to explore the model as never before seen:

The Acropolis is a sacred hill in the heart of Athens with the Parthenon at its peak. Beside it is a smaller temple known as the Erechtheion, named after Erechtheus, a mythical king of Athens. The ancients believed that the Gods Athena and Poseidon once walked here. It was specially designed to preserve the sacred mythology of Athens.

The documentary provides a superb example of some of the ways we can use 3d models to digitise the environment around us, measurable and accurate to the millimeter this data can be used for so many applications.

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