Future Aerial are proud to have been chosen as the UAS partner on cutting edge methane detection project with technology start-up QLM technologies. The project could help to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

QLM technology are developing quantum optical sensors for monitoring industrial gas leaks using technology which is essentially a quantum-inspired gas leak detection system. QLM's core IP is the knowhow and firmware for operating a detector that is typically used for quantum communication. QLM adapted it for use in gas sensing, to enhance the sensitivity of the detector. When you have a highly sensitive detector, you reduce the size, weight and power requirements of the laser, so the whole system improves and becomes more robust. That extended operating distance increases its use as a drone-deployed sensor.

Future Aerial were chosen for their expertise in handling complex UAS operations and for their pedigree in drone based mapping techniques. Future Aerial have been developing a bespoke solution to view the data Outputs of methane in their precise geospatial locations which can be viewed alongside traditional topographical data such as Orthomosaics and Lidar/photogrammetry outputs.

QLM has received innovate UK grants which have supported trials with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). The sensor successfully trialled and proven to be able to provide one of the first quantitative gas leak images at 50m distance. From that result, QLM are interacting with potential customers to find out how each segment of the market might use our sensor, so they can co-develop it further feedback from the potential customer. Oil and Gas companies have differing ideas about how to tackle the problem and most of them are actively seeking solutions to wasted gas through leaks. In general, the industry is trying to get towards zero emissions, which is both to save costs, and improve the bottom line as well as helping the environment and meet regulatory targets by reducing the unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions.

The Project brings together several key partners

Future Aerial have provided several services to the project including consultancy, technical and software development. For more information on this project or to see how Future Aerial can help empower your projects please contact us at info@futureaerial.com