Future Aerial have been applying advanced aerial imaging techniques to buildings of all kinds over the years and when it comes to large industrial buildings and high rise social housing, its easy to understand where the benefits can be realised.

In this case a 4 story block of flats needed inspecting for a large National social housing provider, the roof has no access from internal or external means and the only way to inspect the condition of a building like this above the second story traditionally would be to erect scaffold at great expense.

At future Aerial we can provide everything from a photographic inspection through to advanced BIM (Building information modeling) compliant models for architectural redesign and deeper understanding for major alterations.

In this case a model has been created and each face of the building can be separated and viewed as high definition, measurable images (ortho photos) for post analysis.

The Roof structure has been modelled separately and due to the fact that the image is rectified using GPS ground control it is possible to measure exactly where problem areas are occurring and what remedial work will be necessary allowing in some cases the ability to fix a problem from the inside whilst avoiding large scale scaffolding.

(Model below is for reference purposes only actual data available on request)

Future Aerial utilised industrial grade equipment to attain extremely high resolution so that every detail of the building condition can be reviewed.

Outputs for the inspection included - Ortho rectified Tiff, Point cloud and meshed model.

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