Future Aerial is a company designed from its conception to incorporate the highest principles of safe practice and to seek to excel in the discipline of risk mitigation through: knowledge, a systematic approach, and vigilance

  • All job planning & delivery including the logging of Health & Safety information is carried out via our own FutureDroneCloud™ ensuring accountability and auditability
  • At Future Aerial our business model is based on a systematic approach to both project management and safety mitigation, refining our procedures we can simplify complex field operations, planning and risk assessing. By implementing a detailed checklist system throughout our operations we can dramatically reduce human risk factors involved in all our activities
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) are produced before every survey and inspection
  • We have designed a bespoke safety and incident management procedure managed via the FutureDroneCloud™
  • Audits and personnel training are conducted to the highest standards in the industry.
  • We carry out a performance review after each job to ensure safety processes are followed and quality of output matched customer expectations

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