future aerial are market leaders in uav mapping and survey, with projects from as far afield as scotland, sierra leone, canada, india, brazil, france & germany, we are delivering a consistent quality of service with a level of maturity that sets us apart

Our fleet consists of fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs that can be used in conjunction for complex projects. Our range of equipment, expertise and ability to handle complex flight planning and permissions means we can undertake survey work from tight urban conurbations to mapping very large areas, several sqkm per day. We have the right tools for your requirements.


Cut inspection times by up to 90%


Detailed and precise data including georeferenced imagery. Our unmanned drones reveal the unseen in hazardous areas


Dramatic cost savings – up to 90% compared to traditional methods

precision and efficiency are cornerstones of the future aerial philosophy

From mines in West Africa, Quarries in the US and Golf Courses in the UK, Future Aerial are simultaneously delivering mapping data across the globe thanks to our unique Drone Operations Network™ model. Underpinned by our own Cloud Hosting Solution – Future Drone Cloud™ – data is processed centrally and disseminated to our customers, wherever and whenever they need it.

our equipment can gather a broad range of data types, including:

  • ortho-mosaic
  • Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
  • Digital Surface Model (DSM)
  • Volumetric
  • Contour and Topographic mapping
  • 3D Visualisation


Our Competitive advantage

Future Aerial is one of the only UAV companies to have a truly international pedigree in land surveying:

  • We’ve pioneered the use of UAVs in West African mines
  • We are currently working with the World’s leading Golf Simulator manufacturers to deliver industry leading photo-realistic golf experiences based on 3D models collected from top courses from around the globe

We have substantial experience working with small/medium size UK quarries and landfill sites through to the largest mining projects in West Africa, delivering regular volume calculations, planning surveys, change monitoring through to new mapping for exploration sites.

Our methods of collecting survey data using UAVs dramatically reduces the time taken for traditional survey methods, and with our data collation and delivery streamlined through the Drone Operations Network™ and Future Drone Cloud™, we provide a cost effective and safe method of obtaining high quality aerial mapping and topographic survey data.



All our operators are CAA licensed (or local equivalent). A detailed safety-check system dramatically reduces human risk factors involved throughout our operations.


Future Aerial carry out a performance review after every job to ensure safety processes are followed and quality of output matches customer expectations

future aerial are committed to providing services that meet the highest professional standards




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