aerial inspections delivered by future aerial using unmanned aerial vehicles systems (uav) allow an unparalleled new level of understanding in engineering and industrial asset management.

Future Aerial deliver close-quarter structural civil engineering inspections that save time and money whilst increasing safety and enhancing knowledge of difficult or dangerous access areas of structures.

We inspect all manner of large complex industrial structures, including exhaust towers, live flare stacks in oil and gas refineries, operating transmission towers for mobile operators, electricity pylons, and wind turbines.


Cut inspection times by up to 90%


Detailed and precise data including georeferenced imagery. Our unmanned drones reveal the unseen in hazardous areas


Dramatic cost savings – up to 90% compared to traditional methods

precision and efficiency are cornerstones of the future aerial philosophy

We also provide topographic survey data to assist our civil engineering clients gather important information.

Our pilots work with experienced engineers to produce detailed inspection reports containing GPS geo-localisation analysis and capture of high-resolution photography and video for close visual inspections.

We also use infrared and thermal imaging cameras which help to create a deep understanding of live structures, and prove invaluable for initial triage inspections, decreasing risk in the workplace and highlighting problem areas before physical inspections commence.



All our operators are CAA licensed (or local equivalent). A detailed safety-check system dramatically reduces human risk factors involved throughout our operations.


Future Aerial carry out a performance review after every job to ensure safety processes are followed and quality of output matches customer expectations

future aerial are committed to providing services that meet the highest professional standards




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