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By storing your data in our cloud, you open up the world of comparative analysis. As new data is collected, it can be contrasted against existing data sets to allow differences over time to be easily spotted. Potential problems in the landscapes or structures being monitored/inspected can be predicted before they become critical.


Data stored in our cloud can by rapidly turned into the output you need. Digital Surface Models (DSM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Point Clouds, Mesh, 3D Models and more. Future Aerial prides itself in marrying cutting edge automated tech and the skills of industry experts to ensure that our processing is 2nd to none.


Share your vital data, reports and other project docs to internal stakeholders and external clients in a flexible controlled and safe way no matter where they are in the world. Our cloud gives you total control on what you share, to whom and for how long, from single files to whole directories.

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