The Open at Royal Troon

It’s that time of the year again and Future Aerial are excited to be back at the Open for a 5th year.

This years venue, Royal Troon, is renowned as one of the worlds greatest links courses and is playing host for the 145th Open in 2016.

As Royal Troon is situated at the end of Glagow Prestwick airport some thorough planning was necessary but it provides a great example of how unmanned aviation can integrate safely with professional cooperation. Thanks to the ATS Watch Managers at Glagow Prestwick and CAA Liaison Officers.



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airborne building condition surveys

At Future Aerial our approach to inspecting large structures such as commercial roofing is methodical and measurable.

Whilst traditional methods of inspecting commercial roofing with the use of ladders, cranes and scaffolding are rapidly being replaced by the use of drones, simple Aerial photography or video of these structures often prove to be a blunt instrument for engineers and surveyors.

Building condition surveys and change monitoring requires “repeat-ability” to understand asset deterioration. Additionally in the case of alterations on a roof such as solar panel installation a much more accurate understanding is essential.

Our techniques at Future Aerial are based on GIS survey principles and with the addition of traditional, ground based GPS we are able to create accurate terrain models as well as extremely high definition imagery of the entire structure.

In the following example you can see that our mapping techniques take hundreds of extremely high definition Geo-referenced photographs to make up the final survey.


The outputs can then be measured from which can be useful in less invasive types of repair from the inside of the building and also minimise scaffold where external repairs are necessary. The imaging process can then be repeated at a later date using image overlay techniques to understand how quickly and where deterioration is occurring.



Creating a digital terrain model of the roof structure can be very useful in architectural design and increasingly for solar installations where energy yield planning can maximise efficiency and save costs. 


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UAV modelling of Tintagel Castle completed

Following on from our earlier post about Future Aerial being awarded (by English Heritage) the project to map Tintagel Castle, we are proud to announce the landmark survey was successfully completed. The combination of state of the art UAV tech, the skills of the Future Aerial pilots and data processing systems with the world renound English Heritage Geospatial Imaging Team has resulted in some jaw-dropping 3D output.

An island facing the full wrath of the Atlantic Ocean was always going to be a tough survey nut to crack. When the weather reports say calm and sunny, you can be sure that Tintagel has a quick chuckle and throws a gale! Fortunately, Future Aerial utilise some superb UAV technology and the best pilots around to deal with conditions which would send most others packing.

Setting the project apart was the combination of two UAV platforms (fixed wing and multi-rotor) with manual and autonomous flights to capture vertical and oblique imagery of the Island’s every nook and cranny. The project deliverables were very detailed and specific, requiring every inch of the Island to be captured from the correct angles with minutely defined image overlap levels feeding into the ‘Structure-from-Motion’ photogrammetry to produce an accurate and complete model. Future Aerial’s experience and knowledge of photogrammetric model building meant that the data captured fulfilled all requirements.

English Heritage are currently working with the data to complete a new exhibition for July 2015. When it goes live, we’ll be sure to update you with the stunning 3D models. It’s all under wraps for now but watch this space. In the mean time, here are a few behind the scenes pics of the UAVs in action to wet the appetite.

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