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Air-chaeological drones

Air-chaeological drones can search for ancient treasures

Future Aerial love the fact that archaeologists are using some of the tech we use in the field to hunt for ancient ruins!

DRONES swooping over the ruins of an ancient Greek city have helped experts work out what it looked like more than 2,000 years ago.

The eBees aircraft gathered infrared images of buried features of Aphrodisias in Turkey. It allowed researchers to quickly build an accurate 3D model of the first century BC metropolis, without the need for costly surveying.

Drone Adventures, the Swiss non-profit company that operates the eBees, said they could transform archaeology by doing work in a few hours that would take months using traditional methods.

‘Building material doesn’t get hot in the same way as the surrounding dirt,’ explained president Adam Klaptocz. ‘If you have walls or a feature underground, thermal cameras may be able to see it.’

The drones – which have a 1m wingspan and weigh about 0.5kg – have also been used to scout for overlooked features in Ephesus, another ancient Greek city in Turkey.

Experts seek out areas with less vegetation that look as though buildings may have stood on them and programme the aircraft to fly overhead.

The Austrian Archaeological Institute in Vienna, which funded the work by Drone Adventures, is analysing the infrared data.


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