Future Aerial and Golfzon simulator mapping

In a continuation of our long tradition of mapping in the Golf industry, Future Aerial has partnered with the worlds largest indoor Golf simulator company – GOLFZON – to map the most prestigious golf courses.

Future Aerial has a strong pedigree in high accuracy mapping and modelling for the worlds most prestigious golf competitions and architects which is why, when the leading manufacturer and supplier of Golf simulator products started its campaign to map the UK’s top golf courses they came to Future Aerial.

 The anatomy of a Ryder cup course

Below is the digitisation of the stunning Celtic Manor 2010 Ryder Cup course which will be playable alongside many other prestigious UK and Irish courses by 1.5 million Golfzon customers in the coming months.

logo-21-golf-simulatorpowered by  futuredronecloud

celtic_manor_2010_wireframe celtic_manor_2010_wireframe_green_mix

Overview of the Roman Road and Montgomery courses at Celtic Manor


When the mapping is completed the Golfing begins!

Golfzon customers expect the most real representation of a course as possible, when you play a Golfzon simulator mapped by Future Aerial you play a millimetre accurate digital version of the real thing, every lump and bump is converted into the digital model, the results are both true to life and visually stunning.


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