Multiple fleets of drones deployed for commercial use anytime, anywhere

the world’s first drone operations network (DON™)
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why future aerial?


With our Drone Operations Network, companies can deploy multiple Fleets of Drones, anywhere, anytime. Our Drone Operations Network is expanding rapidly in the UK, US, Europe, Middle East and Asia


Our model ensures all clients receive a high standard and a consistent level of data capture, analysis and/or delivery


Our custom developed Future Drone Cloud™ allows clients to view, store, and process and share data anywhere in the world with ease


By implementing a detailed checklist system throughout our operations we dramatically reduce human risk factors involved in all of our activities


We put all of our drone operators through an extensive vetting process. We only work with the world’s best qualified, most experienced and best equipped drone operators out there


We’ve spent time building our network and technology for you to be able to capitalise and use our network to your advantage. We are convinced that it is more cost effective to tap our network for commercial drones than to go direct to hundreds of individual operators

Safety & Quality


Future Aerial is a company designed from its conception to incorporate the highest principles of safe practice and to seek to excel in the discipline of risk mitigation through: knowledge, a systematic approach, and vigilance

  • All job planning & delivery including the logging of Health & Safety information is carried out via our own FutureDroneCloud™ ensuring accountability and auditability
  • At Future Aerial our business model is based on a systematic approach to both project management and safety mitigation, refining our procedures we can simplify complex field operations, planning and risk assessing. By implementing a detailed checklist system throughout our operations we can dramatically reduce human risk factors involved in all our activities
  • Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) are produced before every survey and inspection
  • We have designed a bespoke safety and incident management procedure managed via the FutureDroneCloud™
  • Audits and personnel training are conducted to the highest standards in the industry.
  • We carry out a performance review after each job to ensure safety processes are followed and quality of output matched customer expectations



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